Longmeadow Chesapeakes      
  Dover, PA ~ Kennel License # 4226 

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Suzie's first Hunt ~ LongMeadow's RW Suzanna Lee ("Suzie") with a her first pheasent. Photo taken around her five month birthday. Suzie is from our Litter with Canvas & Mel.

....We just got back from 10 days in Maine and I wanted to update you on how Suzie is doing. This is the results from last Monday when we were Pheasant hunting. The first day that we went hunting she got to retrieve Woodies & Green heads and loved it, to swim and bring back a bird. I was bad and had forgotten a camera but I will always remember her swimming back with a duck in her mouth. She was really happy. Suzie also got to work on Grouse, Woodcock & Snipe and is getting the idea of what to do in the field. She is still small and had trouble fighting thru the really thick cover but did well in covering areas and stayed within a good range...