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LongMeadow Stud Service Requirements

Stud Fees
Please contact us for each Stud Dog's Fees. Payment of the stud fee is half upfront- at the time of breeding, and half after the puppies are born. All fees must be paid before we will sign the AKC litter registration application paper work.

Stud Contract
We require that you complete and sign a LongMeadow Stud Contract (sample on this site).

AKC Registration
We require that all females used for breeding are registered with the AKC. If your female came with "papers", but you have not sent them in to AKC, you may do so by contacting AKC at www.akc.org . We require a copy of her AKC registration prior to breeding.

We require a copy of your female's pedigree prior to breeding. Please note that the pedigree does not have to be an official AKC pedigree.

We must be able to handle your female for breeding, housing and care without aggressive behavior. If you female has not been in a kennel or multiple dog situation before please make us aware of that. If your female has not spent time away from home- you may need to make arrangements to be present during the breedings, or we may need to utilize artificial inseminations at your expense. Please note that we will muzzle the female prior to breeding- to allow us and our male to work with your girl without fear of being bitten.

Brucellosis Test
Your female will need to have a recent (within one month of breeding) negative Brucellosis test done before we can breed. You should have the test done a few weeks before she comes into season, or the first day of her season. Brucellosis is venereal disease, and is tested for at your vet- it is a blood draw and most vet's can run the test in house- be sure to check with your vet on lead times. Please note- even if this is your female's first time being bred, she still needs to have a negative Brucellosis test.

Hip Clearance
We require that your female have a hip x-ray taken at your vet prior to breeding. If you have not had an opportunity to get an OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or Penn Hip clearance certification number on your female, then please bring the x-ray along with you, and we will have our vet check for correct hip conformation prior to breeding. For more info on Hip Clearances please visit OFA's website: www.offa.org

Eye Clearance
We require that your female have a yearly eye exam prior to breeding. The eye exam must be done by a certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist. We also suggest that you have the eye doctor perform a CERF clearance exam at the same time. The CERF exam can be submitted for a clearance number for a small additional charge. For more info on CERF please visit their website at: www.vmdb.org/cerf.html

Breeding Dates
Most females are ready to be bred around day ten of their season. To determine the tenth day- begin counting on the first day that you see "color" (blood). You should plan to have your female to LongMeadow Kennels on or before day ten of her season. Please note that some females will be ready for breeding prior to day ten. We will begin breeding your female when she is willing to accept our male. We will attempt a minim of three breedings. These breedings may take three days or as much as a week and a half. You will need to either leave your female at our kennel, or make arrangements to bring her on the days we establish that she is to be bred.

Progesterone Testing (Optional)
To determine best breeding dates a progesterone blood test may be preformed by your veterinarian. If you select to utilize progesterone testing- it can save you time and money- by allowing us to know the exact dates she will need to be bred- thus providing you with the dates she should whelp (give birth). The progesterone test will need to be preformed at least two times to determine her progesterone level sequence. We will be happy to have the progesterone tests preformed at our vet; however, you are responsible for those charges.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us ~ Laura@LongMeadowChesapeakes.com