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"Suki" from our 2012 Betty Lou & Trapper Litter

“Laura, I just wanted to send you this adorable picture of Suki! [And yes, we do monitor her activity on that bone!] Her nose is dirty because she had been excavating a hole under the hemlock tree.

She is, as you can see, just beautiful. Yes, I know, the ears are longer than breed standard, but we think they are adorable! I’m sorry that this picture doesn’t show up how beautiful her fur is. She has lovely dark fur, and her top coat is lusciously shiny. Also, the picture doesn’t show up how lovely and graceful her head is. She’s also sweet and very people oriented.

She and Django get along wonderfully. It is a good thing that she went to a “pet home” rather than a “hunt home,” however, as she shows absolutely no interest in retrieving anything! She watches with disbelief as Django chases balls, Frisbees, etc. She does enjoy walks, however. And she is very affectionate and gentle. (She’s a great favorite at the puppy play group where we take her for socialization). We’re so happy to have her.

Thank you!!” Carol



"Moose" from our 2011 Maddie & Trapper Litter

Laura: I've been meaning to send you some pictures. Our chesapeake "Moose" has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is a moose weighing in at a svelt 98lb of solid muscle. His love of hunting is matched only by his love of playing with kids. I'm not sure which he would get first a soccer ball or a duck.

This has been his first year of really hunting and on each hunt he gets better. Last year he went but being young was scared of the ducks which had me worried but this year the light bulb went on. Watching him leap into the water to make a retrieve is more thrilling than actually shooting the ducks.

Thank you for a wonderful dog.

 Angus McDuffie



"Powhatan" from our 2013 Majesty & Doots Litter

Laura, just a note to let you know that Powhatan's ride home was great.  He only threw up once, then laid down the remainder of the time.  We stopped once at a rest stop to let him pee and he did immediately. His new home is suiting him very well.  He has been walking in his new yard and napping on the porch.  What a beauty he is and we are already in love with him.  His first night in the crate was to be expected . . . a lot of wailing but he did just fine.  I took him out three times and he peed each time and has done so well as far as going to the bathroom.  We try to anticipate when he needs to go and take him out and it has worked well so far.  I fed him in his crate and it worked beautifully.  He seems to be very well-adjusted and happy.  He follows us everywhere and loves his new rope toys.  We have been taking lots of pictures so I will send some to you soon.  Thank you for such a beautiful dog.  We look forward to many years of happiness!  Again, thank you for all the advice and care!


Mike and Wendy Shutty