Longmeadow Chesapeakes      
  Dover, PA ~ Kennel License # 4226 

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LongMeadow Outdoor Kennel Facilities

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers love being outside so we built them outdoor kennel runs. 

When not training or working in the field our dogs spend their days out in the runs.  At night the dogs are brought into our large heated and air-conditioned boarding rooms.

If the temperatures climb above 80 degrees or below freezing we then move them to our indoor facilities.

We also have a large exercise grass kennel run for play sessions along with three acres of fence paddock.


Our kennel sits on a ten acre flag lot - well off the main roadway surrounded by farm fields and preserved land.



The kennel is enclosed on one side to allow for a wind break and year round shade.  To keep the dogs clean and dry the kennel’s concrete pad sits on a 35 degree downward angle which moves all liquid into the drainage system.

Each dog has a run that is four by twenty five feet, a hypoallergenic dog box and an extra-large stainless steel water pail.



Our Chessies enjoy all of the wild life that surrounds the kennel which includes deer, geese, fox, birds of prey and our two outdoor cats that entertain the dogs by hunting mice in the field that borders the kennel. 



Pictured above and below is our Puppy Nursery- where our Breeding Rights families gather to witness puppy births and visit with the moms




Once the pups are weaned from their mom they are moved from the Nursery to into our indoor kennel facilities where we have several large pens that have cedar and pine bedding which keeps our pups clean and well exercised.