Longmeadow Chesapeakes      
  Dover, PA ~ Kennel License # 4226 

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Dutchs' Tower Shoot

Dutchs' Tower Shoot
...Well I went early in the morning to hunt pheasants before the shoot and decided to take Dutch for a little 1/2 hour hunt. There are lots of birds that have been loose on the preserve for over a month. He quartered really nicely and kicked up a rooster in real thick cover. When he hit scent just spun around and dove on top of the bird but it got away and I shot it at it with two rounds. The bird was barely hit so took off running like crazy through some real thick stuff. Dutch tore off in hot pursuit body slamming it several times before it just gave up. He came tearing toward me with pheasant in mouth still living and the tail wagging rapidly. His upland skills are pretty solid for so young of a dog. Dutch was aggressive!