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2018 Adults Ready to go home NOW!!

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"Jona Gold" ~ 2 year old Male ~ Ready NOW!

"Jona Gold” was born in October 2016 and is up to date on his vaccinations, rabies and comes with a microchip.  We ran a Paw Prints Genetics CBR Panel on him and came back Clear/Normal for all tested diseases.  We have not yet had his OFA Clearances not completed. Jona has a sweet temperament- and easy going boy with an outstanding dense coat.  He has not used on birds (yet)  and he will need training/socialization.

 Jona Gold

Jona Statistics

DOB October 2016

AKC Reg Name:  Not yet registered (buyer can pick name)

Height: 23 inches

Weight: 85 pounds

Color: Brown

  Jona Gold

Jona's Health Clearances

Paw Prints Laboratory #: 72654- Certificate Date: Jan. 2, 2018

Degenerative Myelopathy SOD1 WT/WT Normal (clear)

Ectodermal Dysplasia PKP1 WT/WT Normal (clear)

Exercise-Induced Collapse DNM1 WT/WT Normal (clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration PRCD  WT/WT Normal (clear)

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"Lohan" ~ 3 year old female

We have decided to place one of girls that we have kept for breeding purposes named “Lohan”.  Lohan is a three year old very beautiful dark brown female who is very sweet and calm.   She has been at our kennel since birth.   Lohan has all her health clearances accomplished including an OFA hip rating of “Good” so if she should not develop hip dysplasia.  Lohan will need to be spayed but is up to date on all of her vaccinations and comes with a microchip. Lohan is crate trained but will need to be house trained and socialized.

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AKC Name: Longmeadow Lindsey Lohan

Call Name: Lohan

AKC #: SR87133101

Birthdate: Feb 17 2015

Color: Brown

Weight: 68 pounds

Height: 23 inches

Sire: Longmeadow Lord Baltimore

Dam: Longmeadow Lonaconing


Lohan Health Clearances

OFA Hips CB-11403G32F-VPI GOOD


OFA Eyes Clear/Normal

Paw Prints Genetics Lab DNA Test Results >

Laboratory #: 27769 Order #: 11242 Reported: May 12, 2016

Degenerative myelopathy SOD1 WT/M Carrier

Ectodermal dysplasia PKP1 WT/WT Normal (clear)

Exercise-induced collapse DNM1 WT/M Carrier

Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive rod-cone degeneration PRCD WT/WT Normal (clear)

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